Wednesday, August 28, 2013

curb contest

I'm gearing up to leave Seattle and head down to Portland for the Zine Symposium. I'm debating what time to leave on Friday as the Symposium begins Saturday morning. I call up Dave Waite @ 35th Avenue to see if he's working and when would be a good time to drop in and say hello. He tells me that he'll be at the Green Lake skatepark later that evening for a CURB CONTEST.    "Curb Contest, Wait, what curb contest.?" Oh...killer, I will stick around town for this!!!
Jedd @ Wicked World teamed up with the local Seattle companies to make it happen
the overview
Dave Waite - tailslide fakie - super speedy, super smooth
so stoked Dave brought me a care package from Waite Farms, Inc.
it didn't take long for chaos to ensue

Cassius, who I met in Denver last year, was hitting some groundbreaking moves
Bobby held it down with me in the COMMAND CENTER

young, old, fresh or punk - everybody was having a blast

constant attack on the curb.
classic form from Cassius

Cassius and a buddy nailing the holding hands slappy

Jono Collins with a long feeble

tom peha sighting!
Mike from Gravity missed the skating, but we caught up
the Seattle experience got me so sparked, I'm helping put this on in Portland

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