Sunday, November 27, 2011

Illya.......on the front range

Illya is one of my oldest and dearest friends that I made in Colorado. He lives in Lafayette and I do my best to visit him every year. He has been married for close to a decade now and I fondly recall attending his wedding. Now, he and his wife, Sarah, are parenting two youngsters.... I was in a hurry to get to Colorado so I could squeeze in a visit with Illya before he went on his summer trips.
Illya was anxious to show me his newly constructed COOP and chickens
FEB 93....illya and co invade the backyard on DOVE St.
 A lot has changed since Illya and his long island homies would visit me on school breaks in San Diego. He's now in the role of MR. MOM and loving every minute of it. He has many interests these days along with parenthood and his skateboard no longer consumes his life as it once did. BUT the big development in the last year has been the opening of a world class skatepark a mere 6 blocks from his home. I can't speak to how much he's been using it, but we wasted no time in getting down there for some rip roaring.

YEP... Dad still got it. back D on a weird spot.

Taytem and Boone got the VAN LIFE tour
Taytem and Illya took me on a hot afternoon to the spring fed pool in El Dorado Canyon. This place is in the very same steep and narrow canyon where Mark Roth loves to do his climbing. The pool has a slide and terrific spring board.
Yes, it was magical.
After hours of levitaion, I finally sank to the bottom.
I love backflips !
On the drive back to Illya's home, we drove through Boulder and took at the look at a swimming spot that Sessions showed me a few years ago. This year with the heavy snow season, spring runoff was HIGH and the thought of getting in the creek was intense.

Illya, Sessions, and I packed up the car and went skating outside their neighborhood. First stop....a ditch. Sessions wasn't into skating here, so he got out the cameras.....
smooth, long and not too steep + a few curbs to toy around on
always feels good to do a frontside rock.
two brothers from different mothers out skating
Illya dips into a lipslide.......

NEXT STOP was Broomfield Skatepark where we met up with CRISIS owner, Jeremy Frankovis...aka FUZZ.

We all had fun in this bowl, but Sessions kills it.
Transition or Ledge...Fuzz rules the park. Back LIPSLIDE
 I filmed a three trick line....
Fuzz lipslides up the ledge.... not easy, folks...

SESSIONS and ILLYA... creekside lunch after skating 2 spots
Fuzz at CRISIS in the command and control module.