Friday, May 31, 2013


I'd been hearing about these protests for months, but wasn't sure in what city I'd be
I'm happy I made it to Denver in time to participate in their event

on the steps of the state Capitol building in the heart of downtown
lots of clever signs in the crowd.

even some alpacas made it out to protest

Marilyn from the Mercury was the first speaker and focused on eating organics
She made so much sense that I biked over to get a Pagan Plate
The Mercury mobile....pretty tight
Jeffrey Smith from Genetic Roulette was the final speaker and he rules. I was starstuck
Turn out was phenomenal, the speakers were informative and inspiring, & the weather was great. There is hope, folks.


back from the CAVE we stopped at Pepe's for lunch
new art installation on campus
2001 issue of Thrasher - Steve did a NBD on campus

12 years later still no one else has skated it

splash dance sequence

and that's a make.....
rode bikes to Oak Lake but didn't see the owl or any hawks

skate The Bay

Matt Ratliff with son watching did his 1st sw crooks
Steve tailslides

me with the ole pivot fakie
kicked it with Phil as Precision is now located at The Bay

Steve 5.0's up the China Banks area
biked out to the south end of town

we stopped by the rollerskating museum
I was so stoked on Linda Blair in this movie.

from the stone age
the displays were well done

Steve is not a roller skater but he got a kick out of this

found this interesting
always stoked to see more of Steve's photos
last thing before heading out of town was breakfast at the Burcher's

MANY THANKS Tara.... always on point and delicious

homefries, tofu scramble, apple crisp, kale/cabbage + avo & salsa!

Indian Cave

Steve & I headed out to the NE/IA border to Indian Cave State Park

the "cave" is only an 1/8 of a mile from the banks of the Missouri
it's a big park, but we went right to the "cave"
stairs......and more stairs

using the word "cave" is really pushing it...

like at BLUE SPRINGS, it's more of an overhang
this chimney element is the closed thing to a real cave

Steve took a trail up and around looking for a river overlook.

jumped the fence to check out the log cabin
Steve & his instruments of torture
the windmill made some creepy sounds from a distance
hiking out from the windmill
we spent a lot of time hanging at the observation deck
Steve set up this shot of the campsite - too good to not include

the headless Andel - spooky shit out there in the woods

my best attempt at a sunset photo - that's the Missouri River
I was up early and this is what I saw-too cloudy for a good shot
packed up camp & went for another hike & motored back to Lincoln
We saw lots of wild turkeys, but I didn't get any shots. We were hoping to come across one of Steve's workmates who planned to be in the park while we were there... But never saw him.....Turns out he didn't make the drive.  He's also told us that you could drink from the windmill... Turns out it was bone dry or maybe the pump handle was removed. All I know is that we couldn't get a drip of water from the spigot. Steve chose wisely in wearing pants. I was in shorts and two days later was scratching a myriad of mosquito bites. Steve claims he wasn't bitten. It was a nice wilderness get away, but we were both disappointed in the Indian Cave itself. I can't speak for Steve, but I'd go so far as to claim false advertising in their use of the word cave. I vote to call the place Indian OVERHANG State Park.