Thursday, August 29, 2013

can't stop the fun

after scuba diving we went directly to CANTEEN for primate refuge philantropy

at first there were 6 and then there were 8 philanthropists
 AT dinner I told a story about my pink sweatshirt. Only thing was I couldn't remember the name of the actress whose ARM I grabbed in a Silver Lake vegan restaurant. We tried and tried to figure it out. I called AVS and Jen Jones, and neither could remember.... I felt like such a jackass for forgetting the punchline as it were.

we raided food fight and then went to a weiner roast at Brian & Mary;s
it wasn't til the next morning when AVS saved the day - Sarah Ramos from Parenthood
KLICH does wonders in the kitchen

Amy, Kenny, & I attended a panel discussion at the Red & Black

this gal introduced the panelists - she had ACDC flip flops

would love to go to this, but we have a FOOD FIGHT party to go to

me photographing a food reporter photographing her sando at Red & Black

had to get some Kitchen Dances so I went out to the Montvilla Frmrs Mkt
their special was a PESTO breakfast burrito
found this gem at the refuse station.....
I made my 2nd batch of pesto ever after getting sparked by Kitchen Dances
Klich was stunned by its deliciousness
stopped by UNHEARD to say HELLO

found Spencer and Johnny in a heated PONG match

took a tour of the eco roof at the Central Library

it's been growing for about 5 years 

yes, it was just me and a bunch of old ladies
not a bad view from up there - the general public doesn't have access to this viewing area

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