Friday, August 16, 2013


that's the new bridge in the background

this is part of the old bridge

everyday I saw at least one bicycle - touring
this is the hot spring outside White Horse that I missed on my way up

after my grueling ride to Seward I was more than ready for a good soak

Not ideal, but the water was HOT...almost too hot for a warm day
I really needed that....

went to straight to the skate shop in White Horse where John hooked up a broken deck
Alpine was closed on my way up, but it was my salvation this day

all VEGAN. their hummus, GF muffins, & dahl w/ ayce bread

learned about a book reading on the radio

rad mural in town....
does this shot demonstrate how thick the SKEETERS are?

it's always a gamble when you see a waterfall stop

neat walkway out to the Rancheria water falls

the river splits so you get two falls for the price of one. #1

#2 - I think I like #1 best....sure would have liked to swim

the canyon just meters from #2 falls

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