Friday, July 15, 2011

Mother's Day in KS

So after the big night at the farm, I rode back into Wichita to meet Brodie, Bianca, and Zep for Mother's Day Brunch at D'Sozo's Vegetarian dining establishment! When I got to their house ALF was waiting for me.
alf is one of my favorite kitties on the planet.
I've known Alf for years now and there was a time when he was peeing inside the house frequently. During those frustrating times Bianca offered to let me take Alf back to San Diego with me. I couldn't pull the trigger to do it, and they've since rescinded the offer.

Brunch at D'sozo's
We met some of the home schooling bunch at the restaurant and their once a year all you can eat BRUNCH was delightful. Waffles with blueberry syrup, biscuits and gravy, tofu scramble and loads of fruit. That's Zephyr on the right beaming at the camera!  One of the reasons he's so elated is that he has a crush on a certain young lady at the table.
the first of many home cooked meals from Bianca!
We stayed in for dinner and a fine dinner it was. Prepared by the mother of the day, Bianca.
a familiar sight in the Ryan's backyard
I would look out back often times and witness the above scenario. Bianca was consistently tending to the garden...either weeding or watering.  And Brodie was either picking up dog poop or some other task.

next up....vegan donuts in Kansas.

Monday, July 11, 2011

the 1st day in KANSAS

If my memory serves me correctly, I stayed over on Friday night in OKC and drove into Wichita on Saturday afternoon. First stop was recycling....I hadn't had much luck finding recycling since AUSTIN and had acquired quite the load.... On my way to the center, I saw this sign.....
seeing an IDA street sign is always a good omen.
IDA is my favorite band that is still together. I travel the country to see them when they play out, which is only a few shows a year. I was at this show in 2010 Santa Monica.

I stopped in and visited ENDLESS RIDE and then skated down some familiar terrain to visit the VINE's on my old street of Mission Road. I wasn't sure I would see Bianca til the next day, but I caught her at home for a hot sec and she showed me her sprouting empire in the basement! She's growing and planting up a storm.
Seed to seedling to garden.. Bianca is doing it !
Lucy had been telling me about a rock/bluegrass festival called STRING BREAK on the outskirts of Newton, KANSAS, for the last few months... At first I wasn't sure if I'd be in KANSAS to see the FEST, but I rolled into town, just in time... After leaving Bianca, I drove out to Newton and got down to finding the farm where the Festival was happening.
It didn't take me long to find Lucy.
Months before after first hearing about the fest, I assumed that Lucy was playing the festival, but that wasn't the case.  BUT Albert's band, Sissy's Spaceship, was playing. Albert is Lucy's brother and I skated with him in high school in their family swimming pool. My first pool ever.
Lucy shoots SISSY SPACESHIP - Albert on vocals and lead guitar.
Also, I dug the name and assumed it was a play on term SPRING BREAK, but I came to find out that the fest is in honor of a local musician who died of cancer named Kirk Rundstrom. Turns out he always used to break strings on his guitar during most sets, hence the name of the festival.

the FREE BOX is unveiled in Kansas
I spent most of my time in the shade nursing the FREE BOX. and listening to the music. Nice and relaxing

The FREE BOX enjoyed the show.

self portrait
That night I fell asleep in the van listening to the sounds of live BLUEGRASS music. The next morning I was on recycling duty and bounced before any of my pals had risen.

Off to meet Bianca, Brodie, and Zep for Mother's Day Brunch at D'sozo's!

Friday, July 8, 2011


After shaking loose from my dreamy morning date with Margaret, I drove into Norman, OK, to visit some shop accounts and see what sort of fun I could drum up. I always have high hopes for Norman
A.) because Mrs Clinton loves the Sooners... "BOOMER SOONERs" she always says.
B.) two of the most radical women I ever met in college originated from Norman. Betty Quick, P.I. & Debra Nicholson will be visited later in the blog. I'm on a quest to find them in the NW.

What I did find in Norman was a large college campus and The Earth Cafe!

The Earth Burger was outstanding. I love the carrot stix as a side.
An overview of the bowl at the Edmond Skatepark
After visiting a few shops in Norman and OKC, I just so happened to link up with my cousin KIM and my aunt MARY at a street fair in Edmond, OK. We walked around and I heard all about their purchases, then they drove me over to the skatepark in EDMOND.
Kim and Mary watched me ride my toy for a few minutes.
From the skatepark we drove back to Kim's home in northern OKC and had a terrific BBQ dinner and hang out session. I slept in the van and the next morning I had the pleasure of meeting Kim's son, Jatin.
All evening and into the morning, I was hanging with the ever energy filled, MAKO.
Kim's puppy, MAKO~

next stop birthplace.....

Monday, July 4, 2011

Tulsa - Mrs C

My primary mission in Tulsa was to see one of my dearest and oldest family friends, Mrs. Eleanor Clinton. Early in my life, Eleanor was a large influence  - one of the 1st radical women that I ever interacted with. Mrs Clinton was humorous with a dry wit, generous, and the life of the party. My father did decorating work for her and her husband and over the years they became grand friends. Some of my earliest memories circulate around trips my family took to visit the Clinton's either at their home in Tulsa or on their ranch on Ft. Gibson Lake in Oklahoma. Fireworks, ping pong, the jukebox,  water skiing, yachting, tennis, pinball, ice cream sandwiches, and swimming off the dock were all on the table when at the ranch.
Eleanor and I take a walk.
A few years ago as my mother was ailing, I reconnected with Eleanor and have been staying in touch ever since.. Mainly a call out of the blue or on a holiday. Late last year I had told her that in the spring, I was coming over for a visit and she hadn't forgotten. I arrived at her home in Tulsa right after lunch and I found her out on her stoop conversing with her across the street neighbor. We talked and talked and talked and then took a stroll around the neighborhood. That evening we went out for a salad and then stopped into the grocery store for ice cream!
Eleanor and I do the shopping.
And finally we ate some ice cream. Eleanor was insistent that I sleep in one of the guest bedrooms and thus far on the trip, I'd only slept in the van. I was proud of this fact and wanted to keep a perfect record, but there was no convincing her and she can be very stubborn and I wasn't going to argue so I slept in a bed that evening. (editor's note: to this day, that was the only night I didn't sleep in the van)

Eleanor and I ate ice cream.
The next morning we had a light breakfast and I took her to an early lunch at Be Le. Either she was really gracious or really liked the fake pork. We came back to the house and had more ice cream and I was off......She wanted me to stay another night but realized that I was anxious to get to Kansas to see Kerry and the kids. I can't tell you how NICE and REFRESHING it was to have so many wonderful chats with Eleanor over those 30 hours. There are few people in my life that know what my parents were all about. Eleanor has only the fondest memories of my father and it was outstanding to get to rehash those thoughts.
Mohawk Skatepark, Tulsa, OK.
 The rest of the afternoon was spent working... visiting the shops and skateparks and linking up with Matt Phipps, local filmmaker. As I was rapping out with Matt at the van outside his home, a gorgeous young lady approached and asked us what we were doing. "Slinging DVDs", was my answer and we got to talking from there.... Turns out that Matt casually knew Margaret. They were all talking about the local Cinco de Mayo festivities happening in downtown and I was quick to ask Margaret if she'd like to take me down to see the Mexican Wrestling and to get a bite to eat. Surprisingly she said she'd love to and that she'd be back in 30 minutes to collect me.
Margaret elected for two patches out of the Free Box
Sure enough, 30 minutes later, she strolled back up to the van. After a brief visit in the free box we were on a walk into downtown. Dinner at Elote - locally sourced Mexican cuisine and home of the local Mexican wrestling league. The place was packed for the festivities, but with a little sleight of hand Margaret found us a table and soon our order was in.
Epic dinner at Elote with Margaret.
I was getting nervous about loosing daylight for some pictures, so once we heard the wrestling begin, I ran out and snapped some pics.
First the parking meter maid was on top.

Then all of a sudden the PANDA POWER made her move.
We watched several different wrestling matches after dinner including a high intensity doubles match. We leisurely strolled back toward her house enjoying great conversation the whole way. I didn't want the night to end and stated my thoughts and Margaret, very diplomatically, suggested an early morning bike ride!
6:30am we are both wearing helmets!
Margaret had talked the previous evening about the bike trails along the Arkansas river. I was particularly psyched because this was the first time my bike made it's way outside of the van. We set out on time for some early morning adventure. We ended up at her favorite coffee shop and I watched her drink coffee and sat in some neat outdoor chairs. Ultimately we ended up back at Margaret's dwelling and soon she was making us pancakes!
First homemade pancakes of the trip!
Time went on, the pancakes were delicious, and then it was time for Margaret to get ready for work. And I was off back to the van after a short piggy back ride. Thanks for such a FABULOUS time, MARGARET!

Next stop - Norman and then meeting up with my aunt and cousin in OKC.
Ripley lives in the backyard at Margaret's pad. Super chill!