Friday, August 23, 2013

st agnes well

next up were two hot springs and the ride in was gorgeous

had a road construction delay of a few hours
after 20 miles of bumpy roads I ARRIVED at St. Agnes Well

also known as Skookumchuck depending on who you ask

it's in a sizeable campground but all the pools are close by. this is the source
the cedar box was my favorite

kicking the feet up in the remaining shade

turned on the cold to cool it down

soothing for a lightweight like me

looking up from the cedar box this is your view
covered for the rain, snow, & sun

lots of their tubs are repurposed


didn't get in this fiberglass one - too traditional

the horse watering trough I did sit in for a bit

good shade

too much sun on these other three soakables
soaked for an hour  - alternating between three tubs, then it was back out for more bumpy road to get to Sloquet Creek Hot Springs

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