Monday, August 26, 2013

the GOAT

started my night off at Bandidas

the holy grail - vegan horchata - my love
taco sampler platter....
Alien @ the Street Demon premiere at the Rio Theater

the flyer for Atiba's photo show
luckily I was able to slip in and see the photos before the GOAT went on
COLORADO catch up w/ Atiba - [note Waters getting bgp's]
my favorite of the show - shot on location at Beecher Street


Crank it UP at the early LEESIDE
I'd missed many opportunities to see the Goat in the past

I'd really wanted to see how Shane is as a frontman

didn't take long for the shirt to come off - he didn't disappoint

100% energy the whole time - worked the crowd well


Waters is the tour manager and filmer - fighting for the shots
let's recap - horchata, skate video premiere, sick photos, catching up with old pals, and a hell of a performance - all make for a solid evening in Vancouver

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