Saturday, July 20, 2013

out of Anchorage

low clouds hanging over the hillside homes of Anchorage
my 1st look of the Cook Inlet as I go south
stoked I saw the Alaska Railway on the move

great views along the water

saw the train again, this time closer to the water.

I left at 9:30 and started getting a bit tired about here
tried to sleep, but the road noise was substantial, got up @ 11:30 & had band practice
not sure what this is, but it's what black bears eat

saw a handful of mini falls on my morning ride

the bike path provided local education

learned a bit about the ring of fire

the view from the visitors center

I realized something over night, & put this press release out

still haven't seen a whale....
no shortage of ornately carved doors etc

took a break at this lakeside bench
had to turn around to get this pic... well worth it...

struck out at this bakery but love the name

I came around a bend and could see a volcano

made some road tacos and chilled with the volcano view
Anchor Point is the furthest WEST you can drive on the US highway system
and they have a new NATURAL FOODS store that is awesome!

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