Thursday, September 4, 2014

water wheel

hiking up to water wheel falls, you come across this smaller falls
 a few weeks before realizing I'd be passing through Arizona, I saw this clip. The swimming hole in that 1st minute looked amazing. I reached out to Shaun who was on that trip and he divulged the details.
the slot canyon part of the hike outside Payson
definitely some wild rock formations out there

I was continually looking for the notched log ladder, and then there it was

it was at least 8 feet deep near the log

had my swim all to myself, but soon after a family of 5 showed up
drove into Tempe hoping to catch Trent or Laura still at Cowtown
but they were both gone, so I walked over to Desert Roots Kitchen for a lovely lunch!

curb jammin in 115 degree heat coming up next.......

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