Wednesday, September 24, 2014

SE Idaho - day 2&3

wild rose hot spring was stop #2

it was my first visit to this fabulous soaker

abruptly a beached whale floated by.....
stopped for the daily skate at the monster in Hailey - I don't mess with this side

I'm barely comfortable on this end - p:heidi

stopped in Ketchum for food and I got in a nasty fight with a pickle jar

Russian John's warm spring was #3 - & for the rest of the trip, you'll see many #1's from me

short & sweet soak - p:heidi
after heated discussion, we made camp off the beaten path
1st thing in the morning, we're crossing the bridge to the Snake Pit #4

a soothing soak on the banks of Valley Creek before it spills into the Salmon

did I mention it has a million dollar view of the Sawtooth Mtns?
BOAT BOX aka Elkhorn Hot Spring is just up the road for #5

a steel cauldron makes you feel like the natives are cooking you alive

there is that pose again!
this is what boat box used to look like 10 years ago in high water

swing & a miss at Basin Creek - couldn't find it
Sunbeam made for #6

Heidi out in the Salmon amongst the rocks

lots of history

I took a hike up the hillside to get the full perspective

then I walked out on this log over the river for another perspective

and there is Heidi getting out of the river from a fine soak

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