Sunday, September 14, 2014

#20yearsofchocolate DENVER

I remained in CO for an extra week to experience this art show

dropped by 303 and saw their wall of COLFAX AVE choco collabs
Andy Jenkins during the install - p:svperordinary
and that wall hung

welcome sign out front
photo wall - I imagine Ben Colen shot most of these
Andy Jenkins & Jeremy the chocolate art director came out on WED to set up
4 large cases sat in the middle of the gallery #1




Meza shoots Evan Hecox - the artist that drew all those boards

Gino spinning 360

daniel castillo, spike, Jack Black, chris roberts from Pretty Sweet

Jerry and Marc original art

then transformed onto a deck
Kenny is this gal's favorite

Meza shoots Kenny & Jerry

mash up #1 - yea, I found $6 on the floor

MJ autographs while Justin, Jer, Ken, & Sean chit chat

Marc, Chico, & Jerry with a rare smile

the salty dog - mj

We had this split Marc Johnson at Overload

gallery dude, Ben Colen, Andy Jenkins, & Sean Malto shooting the hot doggers

classic series before being decks

early work

Raven got chicken pox & stayed at home

Chris Weichert met me and we hung out

wood cuts turned into decks

it took a minute but the photogs started wrangling the talent for a group photo

I jumped in for a minute p:weichert

MJ walked in and it all came together~!

Jerry, Kenny, Chico, Marc, Evan - Justin & Sean down low

great seeing you Kenny....

mash up #2

and yes, the talent manager was on hand! - Sam Smyth in the mix p:weichert
bumped into OG Boulder head, Sean Robinson, on my way out

then I sped off into the mountains - Steamboat Springs, then Crouse!!!

looks like a missed a good demo - Marc Johnson pivot fakie p:ben colen

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