Tuesday, September 16, 2014

denver zine library

I saw this imposing imperial guard on my bike ride over to the DZL
after being in limbo land since Feb, the Denver Zine Library is relocated 2400 Curtis at the Tempe

Kelly & Dylan & I had a good chat

do it - check this video

Kelly pulling me out the copies of Infiltration

got some inspiration that I hope to utilize soon

rad flyers from past events

the current stacks

more rad flyers

open Sat/Sun from 11-3pm
checked off sandwich #5 at Beet Box = almond, beets, & cashew cream

Fox was there

my interaction with the Kremmling Kitty from the next morning on the way to Steamboat
enjoyed a great soak at Strawberry Park Hot Springs

the Yampa River outside Bambook Market Natural Foods

skated the Bear River Skatepark on the way out of Steamboat
Crouse next stop

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