Tuesday, September 30, 2014

pdx vegfest

 Part of the reason I jumped off Underpass tour, was that I saw my pal, Shanais was in town for the NW vegfest.

I saw Emiko @ Food Fight on my ride up to the convention center - Chad would be there
the Geothermal Energy expo was happening next door

Annie & Chad at the food fight headquarters
Shanias and Ally were up from Carlsbad owning the day.

loads of samples to cut and share

the hoodie didn't quite fit

thanks for the bars, Shanais, and we'll hang out in DEC!

caught a solid lecture on the importance of veganic farming
Sarah gets introduced by Christy Morgan who was MCing the fitness area

update - it's now 97% of all land animals killed for food are chickens

Brodie & Crouse - 43% of all fish caught and then released die later due to the stress of being hooked in the 1st place
 catch & release is not nearly benign as it sounds and certainly not fun for the fish

house of dreams is a cat rescue organization with cool tees
Klich & Rachelle came down to check out the fun & we hooked up later to shred.....

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