Tuesday, September 16, 2014

rainbow 2014.... better late than never

Back in June when it was decided that the Rainbow National Gathering would be in Utah, Aaron was freaking out. The West Fork of the Duchesne River, one of his favorite fishing locale's could be impacted by 10000 hippies running around for a week. He was up in arms. Since I couldn't (mainly just didn't go), to this year's gathering, I felt like we should go check on the remediation efforts two months after the gathering ended.
quick check of the map

moving deeper into the wilderness

Em walking back to get a shot of the half moon

through the suicide doors

Em peacin out from the back seat
p:em adams

I love shooting pics of other people shooting pics. Would Saw call me a voyeur?
this was our RAINBOW GATHERING 2014
stepping out.... p:em adams

not a bad view

Crouse had never seen these rock formations
and then we saw it, THE BLACK SHEEP of the bunch

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