Thursday, September 4, 2014

24 years ago

I left Valley View a bit early upon getting a tip about a 
"good" skatepark in the town of Saguache only 14 miles away.

never ceases to amaze me what non skaters think is a GOOD skatepark

lonesome skates
I bedded down on a lonely dirt road between Saguache & Gunnison
up early and the sun was shining
windy road through canyons before Gunnison

a quick skate at the new Gunnison Skatepark
the drive from Gunnison to Crested Butte

I planned to meet an old high school pal, Megan, at the skatepark

the plaque on the bowl

Megan and her youngest daredevil Alexey
 Megan and I had some classes together junior & senior years at KMC. I specifically remember squeezing her thick pigtails when I would sit behind her in math class. I lost track of her right after graduation and a few years ago inquired about her to my KMC connection, Julie F. Julie wasn't sure about her whereabouts. Then a few months ago, Julie sends me this link! 

wasn't long before Alexey was yearning for the big terrain
walked to her truck to visit a jobsite and peeked in on some past work
up into the hills to check on a job
quick stop at Lake Irwin

how is that for picturesque?

the movie house from Mountain Swiss Family Robinson

last years work

Alexey & I went on a mission to the treehouse while mom was working
wild flower shot for Dr Vine
I couldn't believe my good fortune when Megan fired up the bobcat!
she's right at home behind the controls

getting a little help from a friend

the smile of freedom

coming down off the mountain back into town

the little guy was out cold
Megan dropped me off at the skatepark & after hugs, I vowed to return in 2015 for a longer visit.

did you miss this LINK?

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