Thursday, September 4, 2014

blazing curbs in the blazing heat

stopped in the Cowtown in Tempe to find they were doing a curb event that night

I love many of the decorations in there, but this most specifically
my 1st glance at the course from a drive by
squeezed in some QT with Trent before things got too hectic
Dave, JR, & Ed of Cowtown making things happen in AZ

I smashed my BIG toe on the water wheel hike, so Cedric from medical patched me up
Mark Carroll cruised by in the evening
Kevin Braun made the finals with moves like this kf back lip

one man's bsts

and another man's bsts

deaf Alex was on the scene

check the video to see how hard Shaun rips

another angle of Shaun's bluntslide with Ryan Lay setting up

Smithers up the angle iron

not enough people skated this obstacle
Robbie Brockel took 3rd - matt price & mike pringle were MC's

a humble Ryan Lay took top honors
Did I mention it was somewhere in the 115 degree range even as the sun was setting?

Top 10 Finalists:
Ryan Lay
Adam Arunski
Robbie Brockel
Dashawn Jordan
Michael Eddy
Marcus Carr
Kevin Skutnik
Shaun Gregoire
Kevin Braun
Ted Schmitz - the valet killed it ~!

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