Saturday, September 13, 2014

so long FORT

 my last few days in the FORT. it's been a grand summer.

I had many wonderful tacos this past week/summer from DAM GOOD TACOS
I sit outside when the weather is pleasant next to my chariot
earth wind & fire with added kale and r&b inside
I picked up a sample of MAMA's tofu from Dave Bell to deliver to Matador in an effort to create a special taco for our fundraiser.
cried at the end of DEAD POETS SOCIETY.... please parents... give your kids some leeway

Jenn Spain wanted mail for her birthday so I wrote 4 postcards from the cinema
shared the free popcorn I acquired with this late night piano player
pleasantly surprised to see Mama Tofu being used in vegan items at the COOP

 my chalk art in old town
I did not stay long enough to see FOCO Cafe open up... 2015 for me

Liscak sent me gopro files from our session in Leadville

the curb jam got some love on Lowcard's site
hung 49 decks I brought back from edgemont at Launch  - full post here

last visit to the Silver Seed on a cold rainy day - I tried the GOOD TRIP sando

Taylor hands over the goods

I went inside the brewery to eat this delightful treat!

these were my free DAM GOOD TACOS from filling my 2nd punch card!
set up a new board and wheels and retired the old white Emerica's

strapped 13lbs of aluminum cans to the bike

and rode to the recycling center to get $5.85 for Launch
found a new spot by my old apartment

I treated myself to a wonderful, unpackaged oatmeal choco chip cookie from Tasty Harmony
fort vegan notified me about a vegan special at AVO's

so I went and ate one! green chile MAMA's seitan melt

LENA the 75% wolf that lives at Avo's - gentle and beautiful
had second dinner of MAMA's green chile tofu burrito at the Food Coop.
spent close to two months putting this fundraiser together

got Mama's involved with the hopes that Matador will start offering a tofu option

the 13th was here & I grabbed the Launch tacos on my way out of town

super good, so good

I got some tofu veg medley to go and Paul gave me a huge bottle of salsa!
down to Denver for the 20 years of Chocolate show

 It's hard to believe I spent all summer in COLORADO and a majority of that in Ft.Collins. I arrived on June 19th and am leaving tomorrow Sept 14th. Close to a full three months of fun. Not sure how 2015 will play out but I sure am excited about #allhandsondeck4 coming in the fall of 2015.

movie night for SEPT at Launch

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