Thursday, September 4, 2014


As I get out of the van at Orvis, I see.....
found out later this is Garth and he has a brother named Wayne

he was one cool cat

it was my first visit to Orvis - this is the island pool

I spent the majority of my time in this main pool

rolled into Ouray too early to hit the main hot spring pool

maybe some other time

their laughable skatepark is right by the waterpark
Also my 1st visit to the Wiesbaden vapor caves

hot spring water in a pool - kinda boring...but cool in the rain
the entrance to the cave is below the hotel

stock photo of the main cave - it was hot and worth it

Ouray is known as the Switzerland of Colorado
heading south out of Ouray over Red Mountain Pass is harrowing
avalanche protection
a slow but picturesque drive in the mountains
hung out most of the afternoon at the Durango Co-op
 Ever since leaving Valley View, my back had been killing me. I splurged and got a soothing massage at Orvis and by the time I arrived in Durango I was on the search for another. Chris at Body Recovery worked wonders on me and taught me loads about driving posture and how to prevent back pain.
nap time
in my humble opinion - the best name for a pizza joint

Shiprock New Mexico
I tried on Hyland's shades

is this Window Rock?

who knows, mesas like this abound in the SW
made dinner at this Navajo historical marker
then pushed on into NE Arizone where I slept for the night

Payson swimming hole coming up next........

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