Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Underpass PDX

made the call coming out of Cougar to the Pizza Research Institute

watched em box up our masterpieces

and we killed em parkside

there was even a band playing for us at the Eugene skatepark

rode my bike up north to catch Phil & the White Glove

the opening act was cool
they even reminded me of SLINT when some pals joined them on a song
White Glove did not disappoint - Skatepark in Heaven was epic
rode back to Lovecraft with time to spare before Underpass took the stage
Alex & Dan getting it fired up

it is a goth bar and laser lights were awesome

fog machine too

trip out - UNDERPASS
 per my usual, after the show, I ran to the van to find my slumber.
linked up with the rockers in the morning to give them the devastating news

this was goodbye for now... I was bailing on the tour

and they were off without too many tears to play the last show of the tour in Olympia
sure was a fun ride being on tour/////band and skateparks and hot springs!
Underpass is going back on the road in November and it is rumored that HK may be playing a few of the dates with them. Stay tuned.....

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