Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Klich's cats

these three B's live with Klich - this is Ben wishing he was outside

Bixby chasing the laser pointer

Brer is the OG
Klich won the cat butt gum contest
Klich getting his tubes changed

riding off to catch a lift to work with Kenny

Panera Cares pay as you can bread bowl's

cat love bag on a customer at Food Fight

Klich cooking up a storm

words to live by on the compost container

found this lid by the bike coop

and it fit perfectly on a pyrex bowl I found in ft collins

Rachelle and Klich made muffins

Klich all wound up on a front blunt to Smith stop at the Unheard ramp
got in some pong after skating

swung by Kenny's to meet Turtle & grab Klich's bike
Brer getting in some cuddles after Klich made lunch.

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