Thursday, September 25, 2014

MT/ID border - day 5&6

north from Gold Bug to Missoula, then out to Jerry Johnson on Hwy 12

crossing the Lochsa River to hike into Jerry Johnson

Bob & Teresa are Jerry Johnson stewards that come in from Moscow, ID

#9 soak of the trip was so unique - Bob digs this spot out every year & showed us we can drink the water

Heidi & Buddy

learned that the last time I visited, I didn't even see the main soaker pool

missed this one too.
we slept in the Weir Hot Springs parking area, & hiked in together for dawn patrol

the main pool with better light on it - for #10

looks almost angelic/heavenly

Darren told me about this pool further up the hill

perfect for one body

with a great view down to the main pool and the creek
Caroline & her son Darren camp her twice a month, & I rapped with them while Heidi got packed up

the White Bird battlefield where the native Americans took down 100 cavalry men

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