Sunday, September 7, 2014

All Hands on Deck 3

it was time to hang the show after months of preparations
the new van transported all the works to the ART LAB

decisions decisions decisions

first works were laid out on the floor
then they would take to the walls

Jon Coulthard hung next to Michael Burnett

Jim was the lighting expert
Rich Jacob's new design for Launch is now on tees

Eric @ the Market did the printing !

stickers landed the day of the show
french fred, dave chami, mikendo

Andy hangs the Don Pendleton piece below Spenser's wire bend

it sure did, Spenser... thanks buddie
ben gore, jim goodrich, rhino

Andy hangs the amazing Rich Jacobs' board above Jim Houser original painting

Mudgett's & Chris Jones pieces among others

John McGuire, Josh Stewart, & Chris Sessions hung together

Taylor & Sessions dropped by early to check the progress

Stacie Stevenson brought by a rare & signed Descendents board
and then the doors opened and the crowds began to bid

Eric & Jacoby from the MRKT / chris shary/lindsay kuhn/greg jacobs/sieben

Brian Ball & Fuzz made the journey from the southland

Juice arrived in style

Mikey & Jack Jack

Taylor was the high bidder on Mudgett's sick donation

Orlando & Tsedeq Baker - father & son both be ripping
more and more folks kept coming despite the rain

Glen grabs a shirt at the check out stand womanned by Allison & Rachael

Nate Bockus had a board in the show / Shane Ritter - best/most hair award

Section 2 closed

and Charles walked away with Chris Witman's Richard Pryor
Angelo was instrumental in hooking up Rhino's donation!
John Baise hooked up the Odell's and walked away w/ Spenser's wire
Taylor documenting section #6 - the best of the best
Chris Jones was the MC and shot photos along with Chad

last second bidding on the Jim Houser painting got frenzied

Marcus thought it was Christmas/he won the Evan Hecox - thanks for the support !
MASSIVE thanks to all artists that contributed and all the volunteers that helped make this event a smashing success. Stop by Launch soon for a skate and grab a new tee & some stickers.

search #allhandsondeck3 for more photos.... plus Andy will have photos up on the Launch flickr soon

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