Thursday, September 25, 2014

pine flats - day 7&8

found a camp site & broke out Aunt Mary's pickled okra to celebrate

we split the only garlic in the jar
 we went for a late afternoon soak, but I didn't bring the camera

Heidi finally got in some yoga amongst the pines

check out that campfire form

nurse Heidi changing my bandage - wound healing

she found a book in the freebox

rigged up electricity for Movie NIGHT where we screened Cowspiracy

dawn patrol in Pine Flats Hot Springs  - soak #15

Pine Flats - one of the best in the state of Idaho & one of my favs

that's a 50 foot hot waterfall filling the soaking pool - Heidi showed up as I was leaving

this one if for Don Vine - wild flowers on the scree pile

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