Wednesday, September 24, 2014

crystal - day 1

Heidi wasn't feeling it when I had her paged at the supply store.

My longtime friend & former college roomie, HEIDI, flew to SLC to go on a hot springs tour with me for 8 days. I failed to get a shot at the airport, but after a stop for groceries, we were on the way to our first soak.

1st stop was only an hour away on the way to IDAHO but still in UTAH

the slides are only open on the weekends

the Olympic size pool was closed for the day

but this hot pool with 3 waterfalls of varying temps was where we spent our time

our camp site for the evening
with a view of the pools and mountains
the next morning Heidi slept in, while I met the manager who let me in early

the main pool was being cleaned

so I soaked in the Olympic

straight chilling

watched the sun rise over the mountains

then Heidi took this of me under Hideout Falls
we packed up camp and were in bound for IDAHO before 10am

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