Sunday, September 7, 2014

the miller clan

I was eating watermelon out front when Rori returned home w/ Piper
 Rori is one of my oldest friends. Her now husband & then boyfriend connected us in 1995 when I first moved to San Diego where she was living at the time. We were roommates for a year and then she moved back to Colorado to get married to Jake. They were living in Denver until a few weeks ago and this was my first visit since they've been back up in Silverthorne.
the day before they made homemade pretzels / mom helps stage em

Piper might turn into quite a cook
Piper on the ice

Rori & Milo getting some sun

took a walk to train park
since when is Galaga $.50?
quick stop to see the progress on the new Breckenridge park

this feature caught my eye

looking up the snakerun

back home, Rori & I combined forces to make a feast for the clan

the Coalatree veggies went in along with other items from the fridge

last minute addition - mashed sweet potatoes
Jake, the father / Piper the daughter / Brian the brother/uncle / everybody took a choco banana
Rori dropped me near the skatepark after we left Piper at school
this is where I thought it was good bye. Rori was headed into Denver to pick up her father in law at DIA, but the van was still at their home. 
this is the Blue River & Harvey Sid Fisher has tubed down it !
when I got back to the van, Rori was just heading out to I-70.

it took some doing but I caught up to her & Milo

chasing each other through Eisenhower tunnel / Milo in her arms

she's got a little more get up & go in the Lexus for those steep mountain grades

now on the other side of the Continental Divide Rori was the clear victor

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