Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Slate Creek - day 3&4

the hike in shadows Slate Creek out in the sticks

Slate Creek Hot Springs - #7 - is a leaky wooden box

the 3 pipes of different temperature water means you can get it just right

took a nap after the afternoon soak

dinner with the homemade kale chips that Heidi brought

camping taco!

I made up a batch of nut mix

Heidi and her horderve

we had a badminton tournament - had to mend the shuttlecock

extended the game for a bit longer

hike at dusk
I was up for dawn patrol

the view of Slate Creek just after dawn

meanwhile back at camp someone brushes her teeth
later that morning we visited Cronks for #8 - another 1st for me

full submersion in the Salmon

chilling for certain!
GOLD BUG is up next

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