Sunday, September 7, 2014

back to Dtown

stopped in on Judy in Evergreen / ran a few errands w/ her

found a suitable spot in Upper Bear Creek for the polar plunge
went for it....


the trampoline on the island / mainly for the grandkids
toured all 3 small Arvada parks / this one is by the old park from  the 90's
also by the cop shop / pretty tight tranny's - this is also the newest one
at the police station @ 59th and Allison in Memorial Park.

#2 by Wolf Park and Arvada Middle School - my fav of the 3
between 57th and Ralston at Carr St behind the tennis courts & next to Arvada Middle School. Tiny & fun!

some refer to #3 at triple nipple - this mini spine was fun
Skyline Park is near 58th and Ward.  I went south on Oak St then west on 55th Place til it deadends then skate in on the sidewalk and you'll see the triple nipple park.
lots of space at #3 but not that exciting in my book
the mash up with some under exciting maneuvers

clipped sando #4 off the list at Beet Box - chickpea of the sea

Fox showed up / stoked to see he's a station wagon man
riding around saw some cool art

check this little video about the Denver Zine Library

BOB ROB just posted about this buildiing...turns out it's also the Denver Zine Library's new home
I stayed away from the fort for an extra day so I could attend Chomp

ooohhhhh it was good

yummy..... and I took some rice and cauliflower home

dropped in on Karen and brought her some donuts
she was making her 1st batch of oat milk when I walked in

it was so good I had to have a bite of her donut
a class act
slept by Beet Box & was on the road before dawn / psyched & ready for All Hands on Deck
the main reason I was in CO all summer was 2 days away !

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