Saturday, September 6, 2014


I essentially drove half way around the country to get here

riding across the bridge into the main part of Balboa Park
bike is parked, walking up on the organ pavillion
Jim & Greyson - not his 1st concert, but his 3rd!
Jen Jones & Robert
Sawdust got good seats

Felicia & Juan are recently wed.

Lia is also newly married! congrats!
Wesley & Kate - not married yet, but who knows!
used to always see John Brady at shows

the mystery man was on the scene

Sonny came in from Vegas and walked all the way from Pokez

Dr Carol Williams started jammin on the organ @ 6:45
found Jesse & Mike - you can tell the anticipation is killing him

the crowd was thick! ! !  ! !
this is where we rocked it for the 50 minute dance party
Dr. Carol Williams has been the San Diego Civic Organist and Artistic Director of the Spreckels Organ Society in San Diego

this administrator had a lot to do with green lighting the show and introduced JEHU

the fellas taking the stage

starting to ROCK as the light dims

it kept getting better and better

what we'd heard would only be a 30minute set, turned into 55mins

Rob Crow on back up vocals for Luau ' so worth the 1400 mile drive

and then they took a bow & it was over
Mike went right to burning out

it was at this point that MIKE made the decision to not drive up to LongBeach for this

Waters got tons of killer shots.  Jesse helps reload batteries.
p: Mark Waters

set list courtesy of Mark Waters / if it kills you was my fav
Rick is one of my favorite singers. Pitchfork, Jehu, Hot Snakes! p: Waters

Rick was rocking the Donut Friend shirt

Scott Pellet drove down from LA
ran into Yesenia on the way out
Vern got to see Johnny Rad, hopefully I'll catch them another time

grabbed my last VEG N OUT sandwich ever for a late dinner
snuck in one last visit with Ken
loaded the van & got in bed at 10:30pm. didn't sleep too well, so I got up at 2:30am and headed out. only made it 45 minutes up the 15 before sleeping again... this time til 6am.....

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