Thursday, September 25, 2014

Boise - day 8&9

strolled down main street in Idaho City where in the 1860's they mined more gold than in all of ALASKA

sat upon Freedom & foraged delicious apples

initiated Heidi to the joys of travel with the Shake & Bake sign

went straight to Shangra La for our first proper meal in over a week - desert was epic

checked out the Anne Frank humanities park

spinning the handle to hear the story of Anne

I'm pumped that the Boise Library! uses an exclamation point! ! !

did not expect this to be an option in Boise

1st sandwich came out wrong, they brought the VEGAloaf, instead of the VEGfoot

I didn't mind and ate half

and they were courteous and brought my correct sando too

learned that Claus' son got sick and they canceled the rest of the show

Heidi on windshield duty

went for a stroll and met Atticus and Lion

Atticus likes to gnaw on my finger

discovered GURU available at the Boise Coop

the perfect flavor for Heidi & I

internetting & donut eating in the final hour

Heidi brought me a gift - the gift of soap disguised as watermelon

and then she was off.... back to real life

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