Saturday, September 6, 2014

40 hours in Diego

this is what diverted me out of SW Colorado all the way to sunny San Diego / Jehu

skate break at the new Lakeside park on the way in from Phx

popped in Luigi's to see Halleran & saw Chooce 1st
John Reis lives near Edgemont
part of my justification for making the long quick journey...

was to strip the walls of Edgemont & dig into boxes & bring back decks to display @ Launch
skated the ramp and realize how much I like 3" steel coping

Halleran came over after work & handed me the 1st Clean Room CD
I in turn let him pick a button from the collection
 If you want to choose a pin sometime, remind me.. I forget to offer most of the time
then we settled into dominos and chatted

this game to be continued in DEC...
rolling up Edgemont I saw my old pal, Carpet!

dinner at Moncai with MC Crackers

we both got the chicken fried portobello special
Teagen & Rose rolled up with Molly & Homer
visited Linda & grabbed some Donut Panic to take to the Dawg House

this warms my heart.... what all see when approaching the dawg house
Chris Center took me up on a Donut Panic

concert promoters!
the concert hall at the dawg house - when is the Clean Room show?
I woke Ken up to share Rachel's cupcake with me

riding over the frmr's mkt, I see John out training, I mean rucking
Chucha barely barked at me on this day

messy jessie let me try some rose apple

she sells these awesome tees too!
I missed JP by 30 minutes, but Amayi served me up
Dennis is my main SD melon supplier. He's a connoisseur!

He was saving this 38lb beast for an Uzbeckistanie woman who hadn't see one since she left her country

the best tacos of my life @ POKEZ . . more on that here!

super proud of Wes Kremer - always repping the RUN with pride
riding up the hill to sangha, I stopped in to say WHAT UP to Sundar

the 1st house I lived in / 1995 with Rich & Steve Jacobs & Grant Guthrie

and then I rode to the main event in Balboa Park / FULL POST here

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