Monday, September 29, 2014


we woke up in Brothers, OR - but would soon be shredding in Sisters, OR.

Alex & Dan slept in the tent with the gals in the FORD

Alex was up early with wet feet

waking up the gals

melon for my breakie

loading up to head out
Alex on the hydra at Sisters

LOVE is the answer - p:alex

Dan rescued a mouse from the backyard pool

tiles feel sooooo good!

Dan got over the light and got me sparked to get my ass over the steps

and sure enough, it happened!

with a light carve too....
we stormed Castle Grayskull


peaks all around

a portal to the middle of 3 sisters

Marita is caught in the lava flow

heading towards cougar with Underpass in my sights
pay nazi

the top pool has been redacted

we made due in the lower pools

Nikki found her happy place

Alex doesn't mind if I lounge on him

call me, Daddy-O

prepping for the album cover

nailed it

UNDERPASS and extended family
HK loves playing shows at hot springs - the soakers weren't sure what to make of it p:dan

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