Thursday, September 25, 2014

south of McCall - day 6&7

Gold Fork Hot Springs #11 - commercial but no electricity / pretty simplistic

Heidi smiles in the main & hottest pool

below the main pool the water flows into the sand pool via a waterfall

from the sand pool it flows to 3 additional beautiful stone pools & cools more & more

Nevada is there to greet you
we arrived in the late afternoon at Trail Creek Hot Spring - pool #1 was too hot

and soaked for #12 in pool #2 / both pools have hot & cold coming in

ole crazy eyes was there

had a tremendously relaxing soak - then made dinner and settled in for the night

after a few nights in the tent, we rigged it for Heidi to sleep in the van too
up before dawn for a soak at my favorite time of day

Heidi's second soak in Trail Creek

Red Dawn is one of my favorite movies from my adolescence / graffiti outside of Skinnydipper

the short hike in to Skinnydipper is grueling

soak #13 - the main pool at Skinnydipper Hot Springs - deep in BARE habitat
soak #14 at Campground Hot Spring didn't last long due to the hot temp

Heidi elected for a swim in the Payette River while investigating the pool by the river

I found this baby soaker spot

the Payette flows through deep canyons close to Pine Flats

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