Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Gold Bug - day 4&5

Heidi was the 1st one ready to hike into GoldBug
gonna camp half way up and sleep in the tent
walking into the wild - headed to that center crook in the mountains
found a suitable camp spot next to the creek

plenty of shade

we chilled for a few hours before heading up to soak

later in the afternoon we headed up the steep part to the springs
through the tunnel
over the quartz pile

and then we were amongst the hot waterfalls

lots of pools to choose from

went up a bit higher than my 1st time and found this spot - soak #8

Heidi in among the hot falls

da feet


my first soak with a dog - Janey was a sweetheart
sun setting to the East
dawn patrol alone the following morn

spent most of my dawn time in here.....

GOLD BUG is one of the best in IDAHO

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