Wednesday, September 3, 2014

my annual visit

this was my 1st visit to Valley View with a sunburn

got there at 9am and went straight to the waterfall pool for a soak in the shade

that's more like it !
we did get scattered showers but it was mellow and fun to soak in the rain
tried on this tye dyed bucket cap

Ken got hit by a bus in Istanbul while driving his motorcycle - recovery continues

wasn't planning on leaving day 2 until 10pm, so I had to get my daily skate in
 I think this was my first time skating naked.

when I bailed out into the pool, I didn't properly kick away my ax
my favorite Pearl Jam song that coincidentally I listened to on the drive down
loads of good messages in chalk around the gazebo

summer intern Kevin makes assemblage art - this is his take on Valley View

I can dig it !

this goes out to all the strong women in my life!

the top pool also the source of all the hot water on the property
 two views from the top pool

plenty of close encounters with tame deer
after sufficient soaking, cooking, and postcard writing, I ducked out a bit early to see how close to Crested Butte I could get.

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