Monday, September 29, 2014

the Underpass connect

barging Blake's bowl in Boise

with a little help from the fellas at Prestige Skate Shop
a soldier's story in an alley of Boise
cats of the North End

Boise has a new donut company called Guru Donuts available at the Co-op

I found that getting the bean & rice burrito bowl was the best deal - bring your own nooch

essentially a build your taco platter
surfers on the endless wave on the Boise River
and then before I knew it, Alex was in my midst
Underpass invades the salad bar at the Boise Co-op  after a 14 hour drive from Rawlins, WY

Alex had a little trouble with the pepper dispenser
everyone is so stoked for good food!~
showtime - they headlined
Marita commanding the button maker before the show at the Crazy Horse
RollerSnakes were up 1st

rad MAIDEN jacket in the audience

the Cry from Portland were total rockers
I did sneak in a little nap - p><alex

the light on ALEX wasn't so hot
but it's good on Nikki, and only so so on Marita...Dan's back there somewhere!

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