Thursday, September 25, 2014

the watermelon picker

 Heidi had the good insight to insist on stopping at this fruit & pie stand south of the White Bird incline. I was asking about seeded watermelons and the proprietor offered to go pick one for me. I asked if I could come along and before I knew it was on the back of his four wheeler speeding off to the back of the property!
it was a wild ride sitting side saddle on the atv

before we got to the melon patch, Jim spotted a cow in the corn

we had to chase her out of there

and I got to assist in getting her back in the proper pen

now on to the melon picking!
watermelon were coming in late this year & Jim went right to finding one

several different varieties were being grown without any sprays
Jim found one

and I found one - the beat up beauty

later at the McCall skatepark, since it was INTERNATIONAL DAY of PEACE we flew the flag

I had time to sample the melon that I picked. the color is deceptive, cause it was sweet & delicious

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