Monday, September 8, 2014

stand by me, etc.

the Silver Seed was on hand at the BIKE IN movie
chorizo tacos with special peach salsa
cute & tasty
stand by me was on hand for the evening
listening to the tale of LARD ASS
Lard Ass unleashes his wrath on Bill Travis, last year's pie eating champion
the full meal deal @ DAM GOOD TACOS includes 2 tacos, r&b, & horchata
Noe gave me a freestyle demo
I set up a new board & wheels, plus new Emerica's
tempeh fajitas at Tasty Harmony
the stars and film makers of American Bear - trailer here
stoked I saw this at the Lyric - follow their screening tour here. go see it
 hung with Sarah & Greg after the q & a session

car show in old town
hot springs research at Dam Good Tacos - Idaho here Heidi & I come!
the sign says it all.
my cuz, Matt Peters, met me for tacos!

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