Monday, September 8, 2014

loveland sesh

Taylor & Mike check out the pool featuring the only stairs in the whole park !

TEAM PAIN just finished the park up & the snake run is unique
it features this stump with textured concrete. story has it that a local kid designed it
street course is mellow and fun!
Mike double axle grinder in the deep of the snake

Sean Kelly grinding over the light in the pool

Taylor blasting out of the snake and over most of the stump / he made a sick EDIT!

found a small tranny to pivot fakie on. p:dehart
Smith grind in the snake shallows by Taylor

Keith worked on this back lip over the hip for a bit.
did this groholski to tail over the light in the same line as the back lip

Taylor's line in the pool are fast and difficult

front rocking the slappy curb out on the street course
good times..  thanks for bringing me out there Skelly !

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