Friday, September 12, 2014

the board wall

part of my collection hanging on the south wall at Launch {click image to enlarge} p:Weiss
1st row up - hung it by myself on a Tuesday morning after #allhandsondeck3
starting from the top left - Jason Jessee UNBELIEVERS, Jason Jesse The Driven, Briat Lotti STEREO, VENOM
Neil Blender Black Label - logo, jim gagne, omar hassan, wade speyer, matt hensley, salman agah, kristian svitak
Lori D Girl series Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Eric Koston, Rick McCrank, Brandon Biebel, Jeron, Tony F, BA, PRod,

two Omar Salazar Rasa Libre & Aaron Suski on 5boro
Jason Jessee CONSOLIDATED - the gator story
PD from Krooked, Real series for Cowtown - Darrell, Huf, Ramondetta, Dennis, Max
Michael Sieben drew 5 designs for the Tampa Am Old Man Bowl Jam that Mike Burnett & I used to put on.
Krooked guest  - Jason Jessee, Hosoi, Ricky Oyola, Donny Barley, Matt Rodriguez, MJ, Guy, Muska
awesome Ed Templeton drawing on an Emerica metal wall hanger, Jlay, Matt Bennett, Austin as well

Lori D series for Toy - Austin Stephens, Diego, Billy Marks, Josh Harmony, Ed T
Ed next to Rich Jacobs guest artist deck on Krooked
left side with special appearance by John Cardiel throwing the horns

right side

best I could shoot with my phone of the whole enchilada
so Andy came in with his fisheye and shot it proper p: Weiss

best of the best.. proud to be on display @ Launch instead of in boxes at home p: Weiss


  1. I'm glad you found a good home for these

    1. yep ... one where they can be admired and inspiring....

  2. Is it possible to purchase one of the Girl Lorio D pieces?