Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wichita chat

things went well at the chat
Bradley Robinson rock n rolls - he created the flyer for Lords of Cowtown

Landon Barnhart bionic backside ollie
digging into the details of industry work....  p:CoryW

Scott Flute blunt fakie

Vinnie Banh - back Smith

Vinnie nailed a frontside flip 1st try

massive alley oop lien melon via Vinnie's prowess
thanks to Cory @ WELLDONE for reaching out to me - we had a good crowd and good questions! The chat was videotaped and I'll include that link when I get it....
this weekend we head to DALLAS to pay tribute to JEFF PHILLIPS

then Nov 9th, I'll be giving a similar chat in Lincoln, NE.

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