Thursday, October 10, 2013

3 year CRISIS

drove down to celebrate with JEREMY on his anniversary

best hat display ever

an ode to lowcard

Rhubarb had the run of the place all night

coveted covers around the perimeter

all the decks down - all the art up

I displayed a work of mine too
an installation from the 1 year anniversary art show
Brian Ball on display

awesome candelabrum

Freddy Levy from Lowcard

John Brandow with Ric & his mobile

Al Bundy & PeeWee by Lazer

Lucas' great re use of what looks like driftwood

Neil Thurman's grip art!

Lee - Max - Lee - classics

a close up of that last Lee deck

even the changing room has art

Carleigh prepared most of the food
 some heavy metal band, HK, from California played

Matt Rodriguez & BK to end it...
somehow I flubbed and didn't get a shot of Jeremy, but rest assured he was having fun.

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