Thursday, October 24, 2013

the rest of the FORT

Ashley had me over & I did some cooking

Avo's tempeh in my 1st ever fried rice dish

Milly the pug

watched the ONION's take on STOKED on the big screen!
the morning after OLD MAN NIGHT @ Launch I woke up to this

it was sorta pretty & luckily melted off quickly
spent Friday night with FDR at the library

the FDR historic impersonator was cool
had a successful skatepark cleanup day @ Northside

collected more trash than recyclables
during the cleanup, a train packed with wind turbine bits passed by
donated my old sled to LAUNCH - they can always use old boards, dvds or mags
I cooked with the black bean tofu at Illya's - left overs outside the library
the food co-op had their annual meeting - billards, shuffleboard, & free pizza!
I startled the poor gal making my damn good tacos

this time around I went with corn tortillas - 1 single wrap, 1 double

picked up the LAUNCH banner with Andy

said goodbye to Rosie

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