Tuesday, October 29, 2013

lords of cowtown

Bradley's outstanding flyer for the premiere!

Adrian, Schane, & IT wizard Scott Hearne during soundcheck

everyone was nervous, but it all went smoothly
thanks for the burgers, SCHANE! your staff was great to work with
the early birds got seats, but most stood - stoked to pack the house

Adrian's intro filmed at Cowtown
Scott Hearne destroyed Edgemoor - classic pivot fakie - check the shadow
BIG thanks to Adrian Parcel for his tenacity and drive to make this film a reality. He's committed to growing the Wichita scene, helping younger skaters progress, & pushing his own skating to new levels. DVDs will be ready in a week or so. Hit Adrian up on facebook if you'd like a copy. Also, Scott Hearne's tech knowledge was invaluable in bringing the film to the big screen. PLUS we can't thank Schane & the staff at the ANCHOR enough for hosting us and having us. THANKS AGAIN.

join us tonight at WELLDONE if you're curious about working in the skate industry

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