Friday, October 11, 2013

curb crushing

had been planning this since PORTLAND & the day was here
Justin - noseslide transfer over
 Turns out JUSTIN & MO skate here every Sunday and we were barging their scene. But the welcomed us.
Mo - front 5-0
Reese won the FIRST TO SHOW UP prize
Jon captured Teagan Kavanaugh's winning longest noseslide

Tim Mott came up from Denver & was soon on the ground
with some of the skin on his hand missing
didn't take long for TIM to get redemption p:ash

Hayden was a contender in the longest blunt transfer event

when not feverishly filming, Jon was feebling

Jon on Josh
JUSTIN got the MVP award
the traffic picked up after 4pm

this guy was learning tricks all afternoon
p: A Weiss
Blaine & CorpoGlenny came up from Boulder

line up for the curb attack
John Allison front bluntslide
Nick and his deck winning longest bluntslide transfer
John Allison again with the noseblunt slide

Peyton Elrod getting creative on the curb
Brandon won a NAME IN BLOOD deck for kickflipping the curbcut

Jacoby was blasting

but also paid some dues....

we thought scenes like this would bring the po po - but it never did - skate gods were on our side

more gap blasting while Andy runs traffic detail p:jason buck
the wrap up.....
 BIG THANKS to Jon Colyer for filming, Jason Buck for shooting photos. PLUS it's always funner with the help from some kind sponsors - this time around let's thank The MRKT, Welcome, Pig, Matix, Name In BLOOD, Toy Machine, Coalatree, Lurkville, Null, & Foundation

coming up OCT 20th in Denver!

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