Tuesday, October 22, 2013

runnin round town

and don't YOU forget it
I got reacquainted with the tempeh sub @ AVO's

an author reading at Bean Cycle - vagabonding & rock climbing

radical living quarters between the library & The Market

frothy morning goodness

Conscience chilling amongst the guest @ food no bombs

enjoying a bit of the sun
my 3rd serving / I was lead cook on this day....wish KLICH was still involved

gave my first lecture in a while

next time we'll get an action shot. but it went well & I'm doing it in KS & NE soon

I didn't last long at the pinhole camera workshop

made it to SANGHA twice while in the fort. a good way to spend Sunday afternoon

We Marched Against Monsanto in the fort on the 12th
up & down College Avenue we marched

turned a few heads and got this guy to join us for a lap
stoked to report that AVO's is providing us with 8 of these on contest day
then early one evening we went out on a mission......that required gloves

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