Thursday, October 10, 2013


I spoke for 15 minutes on the history of DIY & how it relates to skateboarding
And then Tim Mott got up gave details on a lot of the skate specific DIY things he's made

while some made postcards, most made pins
thanks to Blaine Davies for THIS VIDEO CLIP

andy's pal, CLYDE, brought his machine & his sample case

britney spears & Madonna !!
Sven & the button making brigade

Jason Buck flips through an old MAG to see what he could turn into a pin
some of the first ones I made - slow at first.....

but over the next 36hours I really found my stride
the wrap up - hoping to have more craft nights @ Launch

I had the idea to utilize a pizza box I'd been saving from Homer, AK.

Do you have a favorite? I will admit, I'm sorta addicted to making buttons.

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  1. Awesome event Kevin, thanks for making it happen.