Monday, October 28, 2013

dennis busenitz appreciation day

stoked that the legend on the flyer made an appearance
the afternoon started at Picasso's who donated 3 ginormous pizza's

the pizza was devoured rapidly
the decks were packed for a jam unlike Edgemoor has seen in a long while

Landon lays into a long Smith grind

Riley Kerr in the air war. slob

SCOTT HEARNE - pivot snap to fakie rock
Adrian - feebles to pull in regular

Brodie SMITHs 1st day back on board after an ankle injury

Christopher Evers & his insane Andrect

two views of Scott's back tailslide

my longtime friend Steve Chesser came out & snapped a few pics

Brodie watches in amazement as I blaze the flatbottom preparing for the next wall

Scott & I get acquainted

Matt Kerr - layback front rock as the sun started to go down

in the 80's I was the only skater @ KMC, now Tyler Drinnen is that guy
Vinnie Banh ripped all day & works at the soon to be opening WELLDONE skate supply
Adrian has been working so hard on the Lords of Cowtown film / 5-0 fakie

Jae fakies up to switch crooks
golden hour front D to back smith revert - Adrian before heading home to finish the video
come out tonight to the video premiere @ the Anchor

tuesday night is my lecture @ WELLDONE next to Picasso's in Delano

THANK YOU to real, thunder, spitfire, adidas, & PICASSOs Pizzeria for the giveaways!

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