Sunday, October 27, 2013

Nightmare @ Northside

we'd be planning it for over a month

on WED  tws plugged us on their site....

thanks BLAIR~!
the day was gorgeous & we got sound engineering help from legendary PUNK drummer Bill Stevenson

Tyson was 1st man to drop in for 13 & under - posing with the judging panel - Matt, Angelo, Jason
Miles Stevenson & I doing our best Freddy Krugger impersonations
top 5 finishers in the 13 & under division - Japhy twisted his ankle on his 2nd run, so he's sitting
Kevin, Gunther, & Andy have a laugh
announcing the 13 & under results - p:andy

Tre Sanchez won 14-17 - skated in the crayon costume all day!

Jimmy Carr & pistachio with yours truly
John E aka the elf started his run with this boardslide fakie intro

the top 5 placers from 18 & up

Walter from Breaking Bad iced up the judges for the win!
Peyton Elrod as BeetleJUICE took top honors in the costume contest
BeetleJuice = p:buck

winner of the sponsored class - Xavier Manzanares boneless booster - p:Buck
Tsedeq Baker blasts the main hip for 2nd place - p:Buck
John Allison was my odds on favorite for the win,but he landed in 4th/backside tweaker - p:Buck

Drove all the way from Salida for 5th - Derek - p:Buck

Sounds like Cheech & CHONG were off scarfing tacos during the contest..


Tim & Sessions made the drive ! thanks for showing up - positioned with staff filmer Jon Colyer!
moments before I jumped in the van, I shot this front slider of Jon

The elf crooked the whole bar

Spiderman - Scott Garretson, switch nollie back lip

Teagan boosts a K Grind to fakie

Whit's fairy god mother flash n roll
Cheech got on the bar too!

the stache had lost all it's stick.....

John our favorite elf, bluntslide transfer on his way back to bake more cookies
then I jumped in the van & started the haul to KANSAS for this event
long after I left, the pumpkin carving contest was raging - p:Andy
see all the photos Andy took throughout the day here

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