Wednesday, October 2, 2013

the progression of awesome

thanks to ANDY & John Baise & O'Dell's I got a free ticket to RIOT FEST
didn't know what to expect / but seeing these two w/n the 1st 15mins of arriving was a good sign
I hadn't seen Dr. Jody since the 90's. I had seen Mel Bean more recently, but it had been a few years.
got there just in time to see SUPERCHUNK - driveway to driveway

hey, who's that taking pictures in the yellow shirt?
yep....Chris Shary was in town!
we all flipped our lid

Jody couldn't believe it, Mel couldn't believe, I was just stoked!

after Superchunk we walked over to Dismemberment Plan to visit w/ Josh Schac & Chris
then we took a breather & sat on the hillside & got caught up
and watched a bit of Alkaline Trio before going over to get a spot for ROCKET

yep, that's a ferris wheel at the punk rock music fest
they all came out in matching outfits as I expected
John was pretty cheeky in talking to the audience
nevertheless they ROCKED it and the crowd & I were loving it

there's Chris Shary again - right up front getting some good snaps
horns tend to sum it up

blurry crowd shot before it started getting dark
hell of a performance

met up with Rachael & Andy Weiss right after Rocket
soon we bumped into the newlyweds, Sean & Susie Kelly
Moby Dick was one of the carnival rides
I was getting tired quick, but I held out and saw a few IGGY songs

such high energy / it was totally worth it
and the wrap up - totally a blast

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